Month: July 2010

2010 Toronto Municipal Elections: Racialized Candidates Forum

Over 50 community members gathered together on July 13, 2010 to hear from 4 racialized candidates running for City Council in the 2010 Toronto Municipal Elections.  The event was co-hosted by ACLA, CBTU and LATUC featured Kristyn Wong-Tam (Ward 27), Cadigia Ali (Ward 2), Neethan Shan (Ward 42) and Karen Sun (Ward 19).

ACLA Joins Press Conference Re: G20

Release G20 ‘political

prisoners’: rights groups

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The Canadian Press

Civil rights groups say mass detentions during the G20 summit were an abuse of power. (CBC)

The mass detention of people and widespread use of police force over the G20 summit weekend was a gross abuse of state power that demands an independent inquiry and the immediate release of “political prisoners,” a civil-rights coalition said Monday.