Rally for Everyone April 9, 2011

The 10,000 person rally on April 9th showed that the people of Toronto are calling on City Hall and Mayor Rob Ford to show respect for all – not just a select few.

The next event to watch for is on Thursday, April 26th, when the City’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee will decide on the Mayor’s proposal to privatize all recycling and garbage collection west of Yonge Street. The majority of the committee are expected to go along with his plan, even though the numbers don’t make sense. The cost of collection in Toronto averages $79 per ton, lower than the Ontario average of $103 and far less than private collection in other GTA municipalities.

The committee needs to hear from a broad range of Toronto residents that privatization is a bad idea.

Another event to watch for is City Council dealing with the proposed “Core Services Review”, regarded by many as a Trojan Horse for privatization and service cuts. This report will form the basis of how the 2012 budget will be shaped to deal with at least $775-million shortfall that is being made worse by the tax freeze and tax cuts.

The Review will be voted on by City Council on May 17th/18th.

Here’s how you can help:

Attend the City Council meeting on Thursday, April 26th to let the mayor and City Council know that privatization is a bad idea. If you want to make a 5-minute deputation on the 26th, send an e-mail to Yolanda McClean: ymcclean@cupe.on.ca. We will help prepare you for the deputation.

Attend the City Council meeting on May 17th / May 18th. City Council Chambers needs to be full to hold every councillor to account on this key “Core Services Review” issue. We will keep you updated as we get closer to the date.