People’s Court Finds Harper Guilty!

Oct 20th – ACLA, CBTU and LATUC held a popular trial to charge Stephen Harper and his corporate and political partners for crimes against the people. Special witnesses came forward to provide testimonies and evidence towards the charges. The people watched as one witness after the other talked about the systematic violation of our economic, political, social and environmental rights as individuals, communities and nations. After hearing the presentations, the jury went into deliberations and before long, they came to a unanimous decision. The People’s Court reconvened and the jury shouted out their verdict – GULITY, GUILTY, GUILTY!!!

Special thanks to Our Times Magazine and Ryerson Sam Gindin Chair for co-sponsoring this event and a very special thank you to our witnesses, performers and facilitators for the evening:

  • Alex Felipe, Bayan Ontario
  • Beixi Liu, Worker’s Action Center
  • Maria Hernandez, Mayan Activist and Author
  • New Tradition Music
  • Philippine Advocacy through Arts and Culture (PATAC)
  • Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) members and staff
  • Rangel Ramos, Labour/ Human Right Activist and LATUC
  • Tanya Ferguson, Justice for Migrant Workers
  • Tzazna Miranda Leal, Justice for Migrant Workers