ACLA’s Endorsement of Borther Hussan Husseini for Canadian Labour Congress President

April 2014

Sisters and brothers,

The Asian Canadian Labour Alliance (ACLA) strongly endorses the candidacy of Brother Hussan Husseini for president of the Canadian Labour Congress. 

ACLA is impressed by the vision that brother Husseini has outlined for transforming the labour movement away from today’s stays quo to an a activist  oriented working class movement. 

Today’s assault on workers needs to be countered through both creative and militant manifestations. For ACLA this means that our strategies should not be premised solely on public relations gimmicks and electoral campaigns; our work should be directed towards developing an independent political voice that is not beholden to a political and economic system that is contrary to the aspirations of workers.

April 4, 2014 is the 79th anniversary of the unemployed relief camp strikes in BC where thousands of unemployed workers demanded that basic rights be accorded to them. The walkout resulted in thousands of unemployed workers organizing the ‘On to Ottawa trek’ to demand protections for the unemployed.

The ghosts of the past continue to haunt us today. The unemployed, the underemployed, the disabled, those on social assistance and those such as migrant workers with precarious immigration status continue to be attacked by subsequent governments at both the Federal and Provincial levels.

Our demand for dignity is a struggle for the working class in its entirety whether they are organized in the house of labour or not. Brother Husseini’s election speaks to a common vision that many demand: a labour movement that is inclusive and representative of the interests of all members of our community.

ACLA commits to working towards the transformation of the CLC and strongly endorses the campaign to elect Hussan Husseini.


In solidarity,

Asian Canadian Labour Alliance