Dear ACLA Members and Allies, 

As we approach the 20th anniversary of the Asian Canadian Labour Alliance, we take this opportunity to reflect on the activism, organizing and resistance that continues across Canada and across the globe. Protests across Asia are putting forth demands for democracy and protests locally have put a clog into the machine stopping some of the most egregious austerity measures. Let’s continue to fight back against concessions and cutbacks that benefit the rich at the expense of the working class. 
Below are highlights of ACLA’s activities for 2019:
OPSEU Racialized Workers Conference – ACLA accepts invitations to set-up an information booth – March 2, 2019

Chinese Canadians United Against Racism and Islamophobia Press Conference – ACLA joins community partners to speak out against the raise of racism, Islamophobia and anti-migrant ideologies – March 21, 2019

CBTU’s Environmental Racism Workshop – ACLA continues to partner with CBTU to deliver Environmental Racism Workshops at:

  • CUPE Ontario Spring School – March 2 & 3, 2019
  • Toronto & York Region Labour Council, Indigenous & Workers’ of Colour Conference – June 1, 2019
  • Kingston & District Labour Council, Health & Safety School – November 15-17, 2019

Min Sook Lee Endorsement – ACLA endorses Min Sook Lee as NDP candidate for Toronto-Danforth in the federal election – April 2, 2019
PSAC Staff Conference – ACLA helps to facilitate and runs Work-Life Balance workshop – April 9-11, 2019
Good Jobs For All Coalition, Roundtable on EI Reform and Good Jobs – ACLA presents on panel analyzing EI from an equity and anti-racism perspective  – April 25, 2019 

Campaign to Stop Legal Aid Cuts – ACLA supports the fight back campaign to stop legal cuts  – Spring & Summer, 2019   

Annual Ceremony to Commemorate Chinese Railroad Workers – ACLA spoke and participated in the annual wreath laying ceremony to commemorate Chinese Railroad Workers – July 1, 2019

Asian American Pacific Labor Alliance Convention – ACLA sends 2 delegates to participate in APALA’s biannual convention – August 8-11, 2019
PSAC Ontario Regional Women’s Conference – ACLA presents on Why Our Voices Matter panel – September 28, 2019
York Centre for Asian Research Conference, From the 2019 Hong Kong Protests to the World’s Tomorrow: The Power of Disobedience, Discourse and Creative Dissent – ACLA presents on Hong Kong in 2019: Movement Dynamics and its Political Future panel – November 8, 2019

Overcoming Fear: Creating a Trinational Workers Toolkit Conference – ACLA accepts invitation to participate in dialogue in Erie, Pennsylvania – November 14 & 15, 2019
Ontario Federation of Labour Convention, Human Rights Forum –  ACLA continues our relationship with OFL and participates in panel discussion – November 27, 2019

In 2020, we look forward to building on these important victories and celebrating with you, our historic milestone.  Thank you for your continued support and participation.

Peace, love & solidarity,
Asian Canadian Labour Alliance