Rabble Radio: Examining Asian labour history and challenging white supremacy

In recognition of Asian Heritage Month in Canada celebrated annually during the month of May, ACLA was invited to share our thoughts on Rabble Radio on the history of Asian labour in Canada.

Listen to the two-part podcast conversation between rabble’s labour reporter Kiah Lucero, and Patricia Chong and Karine Ng from the Ontario and BC branches of the Asian Canadian Labour Alliance. The three discuss the history of the Alliance; key moments of Asian labour in Canada; and how racism, systemic discrimination, and “othering” still shows up in Canada today. In part 2, the trio digs into the concept of a “model minority,” what it means to be an immigrant on stolen land, and how all racial justice fights are intertwined.

PART I https://rabble.ca/podcast/asian-canadian-labour-history-part-1/

PART II https://rabble.ca/podcast/asian-canadian-labour-history-part-2/