The Asian Canadian Labour Alliance regularly delivers workshops to our community and labour allies. Below are sample workshops that may interest your organization. Please contact us if you’re interested in one of these workshops or if you would like a workshop designed specifically for your group or event!

Building Allyship among Racialized and Indigenous Workers, An Intersectional Consideration

Strengthen the capacity of Racialized and Indigenous workers to build relationships between and among each other based in an intersectional approach rooted in Racialized and Indigenous experiences (not white-centred).

Participants will:

  1. Consider privilege in the context of intersections of their own identities

  2. Develop a working understanding of allyship for Racialized and Indigenous identities

  3. Assess which Racialized or Indigenous voices are missing from your Union, Community, or Workplace

  4. Outline and assess barriers to an intersectional approach to allyship in their workplace, union, and community

  5. Explore ways to overcome barriers and ensure your workplace, union, and community are more inclusive of a broad spectrum of intersecting Racialized and Indigenous identities.

Environmental Racism and Work in a Warming World

By the end of the workshop, participants should be able to do the following:

  1. Explain what environmental racism is and how it impacts Racialized and Indigenous communities in Canada;

  2. Describe the connection between environmental racism and the workplace;

  3. Explain how Racialized and Indigenous workers have been marginalized by the Green Jobs Revolution;

  4. Identify ways for Racialized and Indigenous trade unionists and community activists to take leadership roles in fighting climate change and environmental racism in our communities, workplaces, and unions;

  5. Identify tools, resources, and actions to challenge the social-economic inequities that Racialized and Indigenous communities face in accessing good green jobs.